Our Company

Unico is a brand under Kitchen Concepts (HK) Ltd. which has been established in Hong Kong since 1996. Our main business is to design and build high-end restaurants, canteens & food factories etc. In addition, we also act as a kitchen consultant for private and government projects.

For the past years, we have received a lot of requests from designers and upscale customers to adapt the commercial cooking range and exhaust hood for their kitchens at home. Apparently, ordinary domestic cooking appliances simply cannot satisfy their needs, especially for those who enjoy gourmet cooking. That is why we have witnessed a steady increase in the demand for professional home kitchens. In 1999, we have, therefore, launched the Unico Cooking System which caters to their specific requirements. So far, the feedback has been very positive. 

Later, based on our distributors' requests for developing a countertop model for smaller-sized kitchens, we have launched Square 1 at the end of 2002, which can fit in kitchens of all sizes. In 2005, we developed our Unico Counterline Series, which incorporates other built-in equipment like induction and charcoal grill into our ranges. The design of this series is very flexible, which allows customers to customize the cooking blocks for their kitchens and also satisfy the aesthetic requirement of the kitchen designer.

In future, we hope all our customers can own their professional home kitchens which are comparable to those in first-class restaurants and hotels. In that way, they can fully enjoy the experience of gourmet cooking at home at all times!